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Creating Wide flange with channel Cap... need length to vary.. But it stays the same.

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I am using Revit Structure 2010.


I created a family using a W8x18 and then loaded in a C8x11.5 to be used as a cap. I placed them together but when I load into the model they only show up as a predefined length. So whatever I put as the length in the family editor, that is what is shows up in the model. My question is how can I make it vary like the other beams. I have to place it multiple times with multiple different lengths. Please help!


Much appreciated for a fast answer as I am at work.



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Not sure if follow your post but it sounds like you nested the one family into another. If this is the case you will need to push the dimension parameter of the W8X18 thru to the C8X11.5 family. You can do this by opening the W8x18 family and select the dimension and go to label at the top select the down arrow "add parameter" and add a new parameter, this parameter will add itself to the Type dialog box. Go to Types and change the dimension to see if it works, this is called Flexing. Load this family back into the C8x11.5 family and override your parameter.

Inside the C8x11.5 select the loaded W8x18 object, (place it, if it has not been placed yet) and look for the dimension you just added, under instance or type properties depending on what you chose. Select the dimension and look for a small grey box at the right of the line and choose it, this will open the same parameter properites box as before and just repeat by adding the parameter. This time the dimesion will grey out, go to Types again and flex your element to see if it works, if it does load the C8x11.5 into your project and you will have access to your dimensions in the project.


hope this helps

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