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How to install AutoCAD from your hard drive (i.e. - "flat").

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How to perform a flat installation of AutoCAD.


A flat installation may be required when problems arise while attempting to install from a CD or DVD. This type of installation requires copying files off the installation media to a hard drive.


Note: The hard drive must have sufficient free disk space available to hold all installation files and folders. The hard drive must have additional free space to install AutoCAD. This space is used for writing temporary files.


While holding down the Shift key, insert the AutoCAD installation disk 1. This will disable the AutoRun feature of Windows.


Start Windows Explorer.


In Windows Explorer highlight the CD or DVD drive for the AutoCAD installation disk.


In the Edit menu, at the top of your screen, click Select All.


In the Edit menu click Copy.


Click to select the hard drive that you’ll be using to hold the installation files. This does not necessarily have to be the C: drive.


In the File menu, click on New, then Folder and type AutoCAD Flat Install then press Enter.


Double-click AutoCAD Flat Install and then click Paste in the Edit menu.


All files and folders as they appear on the installation media should now be duplicated on your hard drive.


Prior to the actual installation of AutoCAD create a Restore point in Windows. In Windows XP click on the Start button then on Help and Support and select the option Undo changes to your computer with System Restore. At the next window enable the option Create a Restore Point then click on the Next button. Enter a Restore point description then press the Create button. Doing this will ensure if anything goes wrong you’ll be able to return your system to its previous state.


To install AutoCAD find and click on the Setup.exe file.


Some versions of AutoCAD ship on more than one disk. For example, AutoCAD 2011 ships with three DVDs. One is for a 32-bit installation. The second is for a 64-bit installation. The third disk contains generic files that can be used with either version.


You will be asked to select between a Typical and Custom installation. You will also be asked to provide your eleven digit (XXX - XXXXXXXX) serial number and five character product key. If you do not have this information the process will come to an abrupt halt.


After installation you’ll have the opportunity to migrate custom settings from your previous version of AutoCAD if there was one. This option can be skipped and returned to at a later date if so desired.


Finally, it is highly recommended that you Activate your software (via the Internet) the first time you use it although you do have a maximum of 30 days to do so before AutoCAD will fail to load.

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