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Trouble using ctrl or alt in keyboard shortcuts (Architecture 2010)


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Hello everyone. Ive been trying to change my osnap shortcuts so 'snap to endpoint = ctrl+e,' 'snap to intersection = ctrl+x' etc...

Currently they are set to shift + e and shift + x respectively.


When I go into the key input area of a shortcut in the CUI it opens the window for me to input a new shortcut key combination for the command. When I press CTRL nothing is entered into the input box, I even tried using ALT to start off the shortcut and that did not work either.


The only key that works for shortcut combinations is SHIFT. Which doesn't work anyway, because obviously when Im in my drawing and press SHIFT + (letter) it just gives me a capital letter in the command bar which does nothing for me.


Is there a setting I need to change to be able to use my CTRL and ALT keys in shortcut combinations? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Consult your Customization Guide, chapter 4, entitled User Interface Customization. For those of you with the hardbound version start on page 330 where it reads To create or modify a shortcut key. A total of 8 steps are listed over the next couple of pages. The use of the Ctrl, Alt, Shift function and number page keys are referenced.

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Thank you, I did not realize I had to drag the command from the Commands List pane to the Shortcut Keys node in the Customizations pane before I could make a shortcut key for it. Much appreciated.

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