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Hi All,


So, I'm trying to open a _recover.dwg, and every time I open it/run RECOVER, the everything in the drawing is loaded, the model space is displayed and then everything freezes. A few times this has been accompanied by a C++ Runtime Error. How can I fix my drawing?



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Have you tried to save the .bak-file in a .dwg-file.

Find your .bak file delete the ".bak" extension and put ".dwg" in its place.

Thats how i recover my drawings :P

Good Luck

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You could check out also the most recent backup file saved as .sv$ and change that file to .dwg; usually located in your temp folder.

if not there check in OPTIONS>FILES>Temporary File Location; and browse in that location

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same here. I always convert .bak file to .dwg to recover my drawing.


for some reason I am never ableto recover it using .sv$ (temperoary files) I have read somehwere that it works only of autocad crashes wothout warning.


also another way I learnt from this forum is open a blank drawing & then use insert command to bring int the content of your corrupted drawing, & than save it. It also works very well except that it does not recover any paper space dat but than you can use design centre to insert the layout of the previous file in to new file, so no problem.

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