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Dimensioning in viewports

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I have been trying to dimension the attached drawing but I'm not getting very good results.


It's drawn with three viewports so that each view of the drawing is drawn at the same time. The only problem is that when dimension and center marks are drawn the lines are transferred to each view port and they do not look right.


I have a couple of questions about the drawing. First, is there a way to edit individual view ports so that only the view port I am working on is affected? I would like to get rid of the two lines in the front view of drawing (one magenta and one green) that were caused by drawing the center mark and dimension line in the top view (see poorly drawn arrows on the far left and far right).


Second, is there a way to turn the four solid object lines in the front view (represented with four arrows) into hidden lines?


By the way, I originally tried dimensioning in model space within the layout. This worked great except that the dimension was not transferred to the isometric view. I would like the dimension lines transferred to the iso but not the other view. Maybe this is not possible.


Any comments or suggestions are welcome.




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I am not sure what you are after, but a suggestion may help.

In papaer space have 3 difeerent viewports for each view. & do your dimensioning in separate layer for dimension, so that in the view where you don/t want to show dimension, double click inside that viewport & freeze dimension layer. that way it will effect only that viewport & dimensions will still be visible in other views

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Viewports are great because you can draw one object and create multiple views of that object instantaneously. Although, this does not work when dimensioning. The dimensions look great in one view but when they are seen from another view they do not look right. The magenta and green lines represented by the black arrows on the left and right of the screenshot should not be there. What I would like to do is edit the viewports separately after the drawing is created.


Also I would like to use hidden lines on lines that you would not see if the object were in front of you (like a traditional multiple view drawing). When using view ports autocad only uses solid object lines. I would like to change the solid lines, represented by the four black arrows, into hidden lines.


When I tried to freeze the layers in the seperate viewports the layer was frozen throughout the drawing. Maybe I am not understanding what you were saying, Dipali. It would be cool if I could freeze the layer inside the viewport with out affecting the entire drawing.


Hopefully this clears up any questions caused by my first post. If not ask away and please keep the suggestions coming.




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Hi There,


With 3D drawings, I dimension on paper space...that way the dimensions will only appear where you want them to.


As the the hidden line. If you go Tools, Palettes, Visual Styles and click on the 3D Hidden view, go down to the 'Obscured Edges' section and change the linetype to hidden or what ever linetype you want. Just remember to change that viewport to Hidden as well.


Hope this helps.

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