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problem with lines

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I'm new to autocad and was trying to figure out how to draw angled lines.


For example, I've drawn a line (L1) 315° (or -45°) from horizontal. Next I want to draw another line (L2) 15 units long intersecting L1 at some angle "relative" to L1, say 57°, how do i do that?


I've tried using "@15



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i've tried that before. all that does for me is track the angle measurements relative to the last segment, but when drawing a line, it draws it relative to ucs, not that line segment. unless i'm doing something wrong?

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If you need to draw at 57° to another the line, the quickest way is to set up a UCS based on your first line. At the command line type UCS (enter) then when it says Enter an option, type e . This is not one of the listed options now, but should still work (e stands for entity). Then pick near one end of your line.


To get a line at 57° to another line, you could use another method. Copy the first line either on top of itself, or just alongside, then rotate it 57° :D

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