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no cui file is loaded when i open autocad 2008. when i use the 'cuiload' command there is nothing in the 'loaded customization groups' list. i browse to the default cui file i want to use (acad.cui) and click 'load'... and then NOTHING happens. i cannot load any cui file from any location into my loaded customization groups.


i reset my computer and i have unistalled and reinstalled autocad and both without any luck.


does anybody have any helpful ideas?

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Congrats on your first post, and welcome to the forums!


I highly recommend that you not jump to the uninstall/reinstall step, unless absolutely necessary. After following 98Special's advice (above)....


Using the ._options command, make sure that ACAD.cui has been assigned as your Enterprise, or Main CUI respectively, by going to the Files tab > Customization Files node. With that done, you should now have access to the contents of ACAD.cui file.


Regardless of it being assigned as either your Enterprise, or Main CUI, I suggest that you immediately create yourself a 'Custom' CUI in which to store all of your customizations. Custom.cui should be loaded into your Main CUI as a partial.


For more information on how to transfer workspace components, etc. please see the Customization Guide, found in the Help Documentation (F1).


Hope this helps!

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thanks renderman. unfortunately, after following your advice, the acad.cui still does not load. the strangest part to me is that i am able to browse for cui files using menuload, but it doesn't do anything when i press the load button.



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Bare with me....


Something I forgot to mention is that the ACAD.cui (even after being mapped to your customization files), needs to reside within your Support File Search Path. To check this, get back into the Files tab. If you do not find the path for ACAD.cui, it needs to be added:

  • Add... > Browse...

After all of that, if it still doesn't load, would you kindly elaborate on the specific details? Maybe you see something that I might recognize.


Good luck!

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thanks again, but i added the acad.cui path to the 'support file search path' but it didn't help.


as far as specifics...


my laptop (running windows vista) got the blue screen of death (autocad wasn't running) and once it started up again i opened autocad and discovered the cui problem. here is the readout i get when i open autocad:


Regenerating model.

AutoCAD Express Tools Copyright © 2002-2004 Autodesk, Inc.

Enter name of customization file to load:

AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.

Enter name of customization file to load:

Command: *Cancel*



i've attached a screencap so that you can see what i see when i start-up.

screen cap.jpg

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