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Batch Utility Needed


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We are working with the MEP-2010 software after being upgraded from ABS-2006 and we are finding that many of the drawings need a very simple, yet time-consuming fix.


We simly need to open each DWG file, select a different plotter from the list, then re-select the original plotter. Apparently this is some form of glitch. None the less, we have many DWG files to perform this function on, so that we can continue to plot these files in the future.


My goal is to find something that will allow us to modify the plotter for a group of DWG's at a single time. Does anyone know of something that will allow us to do this?





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I only have Autocad not MEP but maybe instead of having to open each file to fix it which is possible by using Autolisp and scripting maybe use startup and do the plot command in a lisp routine:

in Acad.lsp or Acaddoc.lsp

(defun S::STARTUP ()

(command "PLOT" ....etc)


Acad tries to find acad.lsp or acaddoc.lsp everytime you open or start a new drawing.


to find out what to put for your lisp routine: in Acad command prompt type

(command "plot")

and follow the instructions to sort out the ETC stuff above


Hope this helps

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You could possibly try '_publish' but I don't know enough about that.


Do you know about scripting or macro record?


This may reduce the number of key strokes

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WOW, Cadvision, that is a very powerful tool, I like it.


Unfortunately I keep bumping into another issue... Hard to explain, but even with "center the plot" checked, the paperspace linework is not centered. We have this issue often and unfortunately the only fix, is to get into the Page Setup, click modify and without making any changes, simply click OK and suddenly, Vwalla! things are centered. Makes zero sense, but it works...


Unfortunately I cannot do this within a script (go into the page setup modify window and simply click OK).


Grrrrrr. Any known solutions for that piece?

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Have a look at TrueView 2010 ...under DWG convert, select a conversion set up & hit modifiy, then on the right hand side under actions you will see a button call Page setups just above that is Replace page setups ... hope this helps.

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