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I wrote scripts in acad 2000, but was away from autocad for a few months and am back with acad 2010. I'm trying to get autocad to read a script I've written, but when I type script on the command line and look for my script(on my desktop) acad won't display the filename.scr. I tried changing locations of the script and looking there, and it still didn't work. I tried using acad 2008(still resident on my computer) and that didn't work. What do I need to click to wake autocad 2010 up to where it needs to look, and more importantly show that it has found the filename.scr I know is where I put it?


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My guess is that you edited the script file is Notepad and when you saved it, Windows automatically applied a [.TXT] file extension.

Turn on file extensions in Windows Explorer and take a look.

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