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Error in Plotting Non-English Text Objects


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Hello every body,

enclosed is a dwg file with texts in Persian. Although the font of the current style is Arial.ttf (the one distributed with Windows XP), when I plot the drawing to printers, texts are bollixed.


(Picture-1: Correct-Text)



(Picture-2: Plotted-Text)



Is there any one to know the reason and offer a way to resolve it?


Mehrdad Ahankhah



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Hi every body,

finally I found myself the reason and solved the problem. First of all, I must announce that THE PROBLEM IS NOT A BUG Of AutoCAD and it is due to the configuration of the printer.


To config printer to print non-English characters, like Persian and Arabic (as well some mathematical and engineering characters like phi, alpha, Betta, ...) correctly, simply:

1- Open the configuration dialog of the printer

2- Select the Device and Documents Settings tab.

3- In the list box at top...

4- Expand Graphics section.

5- Select TrueType Text.

6- In the area beneath the list box...

7- Select TrueType as text radio button.

8- Press OK.


Mehrdad Ahankhah


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always, after every plot, two files named acad and plot created just in the file path. the ESET SMART SECURITY recognition is virus. could u help me to solve it?! God bless

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You should check the extensions of those files – the plot.LOG file is legit, it store some features of the last plot action and/or plot stamp information. Not sure how the info stored there can be modified to harm you, but should never underestimate creativity of people with too much free time in hands. If your antivirus recognize it as virus you can erase it without issues - will only need to re-do all settings for print each time.

If the second one is named acad.VLX, then seems that you have an AutoCAD virus – you can check one of those previous discussions for solutions:

Also, it was better to start a new thread for your issue instead of appending to an un-related one; may ask a moderator to fix this for you.

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The extensions of those files are (ACAD.LSP and plot.log). the point is ,can I suppose that these files are the cause of my mis matching plot like the first post?:

Error in Plotting Non-English Text Objects


If there is any other way to solve it, please help me because I have HP DESIGN JET 510 in my office and cannot correct this problem when plotting everyday. then waste papers more and more

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