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Create box that contains everything?

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Is there a command or Lisp routine that creates a 3dbox which sides are adjacent to a drawing? Something like a 3d boundary-space that contains everything you might have created..

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EXTMAX & EXTMIN are the values of your drawing in a plan view not sure if theres extz


(setq pt1 (getvar "extmin")

(setq pt1 (getvar 'extmax")

(command "rectang" pt1 pt2)


then extrude or thickness

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Extmax & extmin gives you the bounding box values including z's -20,-20,-10 821,574,50


(setq pt1 (getvar "extmax")) (setq pt1x (car pt1)) (setq pt1y (cadr pt1)) (setq pt1z (caddr pt1))

(setq pt1new (list pt1x pt1y))

(setq pt2new (list pt2x pt2y))

rectang 2d points then extrude z height. can be done easy

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Based on BIGAL's idea, here's a simple lisp :


; 3dbe.lsp - 3D bounding box using Extrude command

(defun c:3dbe (/ osave ce pmax pmin pmaxx pmaxy pmaxz pminx pminy pminz)
(setq osave (getvar "OSMODE"))
(setvar "OSMODE" 0)
(setq ce (getvar "CMDECHO"))
(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)
(setq pmax (getvar "EXTMAX"))
(setq pmin (getvar "EXTMIN"))
(setq pmaxx (car pmax) pmaxy (cadr pmax) pmaxz (caddr pmax))
(setq pminx (car pmin) pminy (cadr pmin) pminz (caddr pmin))
(command "._RECTANGLE" (list pminx pminy pminz) (list pmaxx pmaxy pminz))
(command "._EXTRUDE" (entlast) "" (abs (- pmaxz pminz)) 0)
(setvar "CMDECHO" ce)
(setvar "OSMODE" osave)

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