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TCOUNT in a Multileader


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Can anyone help me edit the LISP for TCOUNT to include the text for Multileaders? I've added (0 . "MULTILEADER") to the LISP but it will not edit the text. I haven't done much with LISP's, so any help would be appreciated.


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Express Tool: TCount


Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Yes, it is the express tool TCount.


alanjt, while searching for an answer to this question, I came across a previous post of yours here: http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?40266-CopyText.lsp-Copy-Swap-Text-MText-Multileader-Attribute-Values

The reason this caught my eye is because you were able to modify the text in a multileader through a lisp, which is what I need to do. However, the code was not in that post, so I couldn't look at it to figure it out.

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Hmmm...I think I'm still missing something. In the file ACETXT.LSP provided with the Express Tools, there is this:

(setq flt '((-4 . "

(0 . "TEXT")

(0 . "MTEXT")

(0 . "ATTDEF")

(-4 . "OR>")




From my breif understanding of Lisp routines, that's setting up a query for text, mtext or an attribute definetion. If I add the line (assoc 304 (entget )) or (vla-get-TextString ), I get "bad SSGET list" when I try to run the routine. I'm not quite sure how that line of code is supposed to fit in.


As I mentioned, this is my first stab at modifying a lisp, so please bear with me and all your help is greatly appreciated.

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