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Toolpallet: pallets are not showing up in groups.


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Hello All,


I have created a tool pallet on my local machine and now I want to share it with other people on my network. I work with a sister office over seas and we want to use the same tool pallet. What we are doing is copying the toolpallet folder to a newwork drive, then we have a batch file that copies the information from the network drive (checks for new file versions / new dates) to the users C:drive.


The issue i'm running into is that the pallets are not being imported into the groups.


I have exported the profile (.arg) and that bring in the groups (.xtg) but not the pallets them selves (.xtp).


Are there any suggestions as to why the pallets are not showing up the groups?

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Thanks for the Reply, rkmcswain.


That post says that "But Groups and order do not transfer to other machines. So they may still require to do the import of toolpalette groups individually."


The groups show up(xtg), but the pallets(xtp) them selfs are not automatically populating under the groups.


I ran into a situation in the past where the pallets would show up, but I then had to import the xtg files in order to get the groups. Once I imported the groups the pallets would then automatically populate under the group.


I have no exported the xtp files and given them to a coworker to see if that helps. unfortunaly he has left work for the day and won't be able to test until the morning. I am hoping that exporting the xtp files will solve this problem.


Any other idea?

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