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insert a formula in the block attribute value via vba

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Hi everybody,


I'm new with autocad. Actually it's my first time I need to write a VBA procedure for autocad. That's the reason why I'm posting this thread.


I have blocks with attribute. In one of this attribute I want to insert an expression that calculates a polyline area.


Doing it manually works. the expression is:

"%%).Area>%" where 2130001176 is the ObjectID of the specific poly.


I tried to insert the expression via vba with this code:

attArr = oBlkRef.GetAttributes

attArr(3).TextString = "%%).Area>%"


It doesn't work and the value (corresponding to the poly area) is not calculated. Only "####" is shown as value.


Any idea how to insert the expression via VBA?

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I think you need 2 extra line


area ="%%).Area>%"


attArr(3).TextString = area



found this

Sub Example_Area()
   ' This example creates a polyline object and
   ' then uses the area property to find the
   ' area of that polyline.
   Dim plineObj As AcadLWPolyline
   Dim points(0 To 5) As Double
   Dim plineArea As Double
   ' Establish the points for the Polyline
   points(0) = 3: points(1) = 7
   points(2) = 9: points(3) = 2
   points(4) = 3: points(5) = 5
   ' Create the polyline in modelspace
   Set plineObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddLightWeightPolyline(points)
   ' Close the polyline and update display of it
   plineObj.Closed = True
   ' Get the area of the polyline
   plineArea = plineObj.Area
   MsgBox "The area of the new Polyline is: " & plineArea, vbInformation, "Area Example"
End Sub

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