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Scale Disproportionally


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Hi,:o Being relatively new to AutoCAD I am used to lots of nice tools in other software like being able to click on a padlock in the scale>settings box to scale the contents of my selection in either the X or Y direction.


I can't find a way to do this in AutoCAD - any ideas a re appreciated as it's driving me mad !!:cry:

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The most common method is to create a block of the object then erase it. Now reinsert the block. You'll notice that in the Insert dialog box, under Scale, deselect Uniform Scale. Now you can apply a different scale factor to X, Y and Z when your block is inserted. Don't want the object to remain a block then check off the box for the Explode option in the lower left-hand corner.


Another option is to find and download a complied lisp routine named ScaleXYZ.vlx. Use the Appload command to load it. To invoke the command type ScaleX, ScaleY or ScaleZ and follow the onscreen prompts. If you are working with an object that consists of a continuous polyline be forewarned this routine will explode it into lines. But it does work.


For some reason AutoDesk isn't quite up to other programs in the ability to scale disproportionally as you have noticed. The programmers are too busy introducing new bugs and making the program run slower! LOL

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Another option, you could insert the block at full scale, then click on it and use the properties manager palette to adjust the x, y and z scales.
Only if the block's definition has it's "Scale uniformly" property = No. Otherwise the Y & Z edit boxes will be greyed out.
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