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Plot Style Lists


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I'm not 100% confident this is where this post/question should go.


Where I work we have a number of departments, and each of these departments has different plot styles. They are all stored in the one location of the network drive, and are occasionally updated by the CAD managers.


Because I only use 2 or 3 of the list of 15 or so plot styles, is there a way to limit my installation to only listing those plot styles that I use regularly?


I'm running AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011.

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That is a possibility, but then I wouldn't get the updated styles if they are updated.


I was thinking there might have been a way to only show parts of the list.

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I use batch files for this all the time, if you know much about it, try using xcopy, and pay attention to the switches, that way, you can set it up so only things that have been modified get copied. Otherwise, i could post an example.

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The short answer is no - but there is away of doing it if the CAD managers will get on board.


Autocad will follow short cuts that are placed in the Plot styles folder. So - if the plot styles are placed in 'Office' or 'Discipline' folders on the server, then you can just add short cuts in your local Plot style Folder to the Folders/Plot Styles that you need.

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You must be older than 21.:lol::lol:

I suppose 28 is older than 21.

I have run batch files from within AutoCAD in the past, you could add some lines of code to your acad.lsp file so it will run the batch file everytime you start an autocad session.

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