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Render Exposure Settings

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For those who prefer to work just under the sun, here are some render-exposure settings that may prove helpful while rendering interior/exterior views. :geek:


The following is a sun-lit scene with absolutely no extra light sources.




You shall need to maximize the render quality in-order to see the effect. To do that use the following render settings:


SUNPROPERTIES Status > On, Sky status > Background and Illumination.

GEO (Geographic Location) > as per your location.

RPREF (Render Preset) > Presentation.

Global Illumination > On, Photons per sample > 25, Use Radius > On, Radius > 4500

Final Gather > On


Then, goto RENDEREXPOSURE and use the settings as listed in the image.


P.S. The third image is post-processed. It is an HDRI multiplication of the first two, done outside AutoCAD.

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Fahim thanks for sharing this. This helps a lot. Can you post a setting where you are only using interior lights such as pinlights? I'm having trouble producing this kind of render without using the sun light.Many thanks.

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