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Importing custom survey point files


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I am looking for a way to import my regular p,n,e,z,d text files with a custom tag for the point number. For example when I collect OG shots I like to number them OG##(

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Sorry, point numbers are just that, numbers. However, you can renumber them once you've imported them.


I suppose you could use the full description field (if it's not occupied or not important) for the tag you want. You might have to do a little coding to append the number to the raw description and assign it to the full description. There might even be a way to get C3D to do it, I haven't tried anything like that.

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If your already using the d description couldn,t you add it there ? Try Word replace ^p with freds^p have a look adds fred to your description.


I think Civ3d supports aplahnumeric numbering but your instrument probably does not, for each code you could write a program to change the point number to have the OG in front based on description for OG.


try say 10 points to see what happens. maybe post your wanted data file (10 pts)

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Thanks for you input. @Bogal: My data collector/instrument does support alphanumeric(if C3D supports this that is what I'm looking for). Looking for a way to import into C3D vs out of C3D.

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This is how I have it exporting out of my data collector:












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You can create a Point File Format to import your data. Just copy the existing "PNEZD (comma delimited)" Point File Format, then modify it so that the first field is Point Name instead of Point Number. The following image is an example. I also loaded your sample data into the dialog, so you can see how it gets parsed.




Just keep in mind that every Cogo Point in Civil 3D must also have a Point Number, so C3D will also automatically assign Point Numbers to these points as they are imported. So you may want to adjust your "next point number" prior to importing your data.

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Hello, I am a student interested in experimenting with civil 3d 2014, I am looking for somewhere to get points with elevation. I tried to use google maps and google earth but not sure im doing it right.. please help me find a source for any points so I can practice!!! THANKS!!

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