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Oleson Villiage Sub Division #4 Start Point

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Im not sure if anyone can help with this but I am drawing the Oleson Villiage Plat map and everything was going well until I got to the Sub division #4 I cant seem to find the start point the text says Lot 4 is directly below Lot 3 The Length of the western edge of Lot 4 is 168.24 feet, and this edge of the lot coincides with the western edge of the sub division boundary. At the southernmost point of Lot 4, along the western edge of the subdivision boundary, the property line heads in a northeasterly direction at a bearing of N55°24'29"E. The property then ends at the cul-de-sac right-of-way line. (If this property line were extended it would precisely intersect the center of the cul-de-sac.)


I'm not sure what to do here I used a construction line at N55°24'29"E for the centerof the cul-de-sac and then drew nother horizontal construction line at the conecting point of that line to the boundary line but then when I offset that line at 168.24 to the south the property line ends up outside my boundary line.


If anyone has done this or can help I would appreciate it.


Thanks everyone.

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Welcome to the CADTutor forum.


Yes, some people have done this and examples of their work can be seen, as images, in some of the threads about creating the plat map. I suggest that you use the Search feature above and put the words Penn Foster in the box. This will bring up about two pages of threads of PF threads some related to Oleson Village and others to the structural drawing, etc. that go into making up the full coursework. If you cannot find an answer to your question then come back here and say so. Further help may be forthcoming.


Good luck.

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