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Custom DASHED lines with text

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Hello community, it's been a few weeks with no activity whatsoever on the forum, but I'm back for a with a good one ;)


I've been customizing acad.lin like a maniac for the last couple of days and there's a recurring problem that I can't resolve by myself.


I have this line...


*EX-DASH,[G] Existing - - EX - - - - EX - - - - EX - -



The result is similar to...


- - EX - - - - EX - - - - EX - - - - EX - - - - EX - - - - EX - -


Let's say that the pattern of the line ("- - EX - -", because that's the part that's being repeated) takes 50 units to display at a given scale. I draw a PLINE and one section of the line is like 75 units long. If the line I'm drawing can't contain the pattern of my custom line, it won't display correctly. Given these numbers, the pattern would only display right once (75 / 50 = 1.5).


*And the crowd goes DUUUUH!*


I get that 8) and it's ok. HOWEVER, one thing I don't get is why autocad displays the pattern once and then fill the rest with a continuous line. It's okay for all my continuous custom lines with text because it keeps the same base line and it feels transparent (and it's also the reason I never realized it was reacting this way until I started working with dashed lines).


Example: I want to display "- - EX - - - - EX - -" but would only have space for "- - EX - - - - E". Acad will display "- - EX - -" once + continuous line for the remaining space.


I know that if there's no space to fit a second "EX" it can't be displayed, and that's allright, but how come it doesn't fill the rest of my line with dashes instead of a continuous line? With PLINEs, every time I turn a corner, I get this continuous line segment on each corner before it starts displaying the dashes (because I can't always draw lines that fits perfectly the pattern).


Any idea on how to force it to display dashes when there's not enough space to repeat the pattern one last time? :geek:

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You are amazing and I love you. Problem solved and verified.


Thanks a lot!


* Just want to mention that it still displays in continuous line at the very beginning and the very end of the line, but no more tricky corners.

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