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Rendered Quality in a Viewport?


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Hi folks, long time no see! :D


I have two viewports in a layout showing 3d objects where I would like to see rendered quality when I print my dwg. How do I get this to work right? As of now the print output is not that great of quality. Shadeplot is set to 'rendered' and presentation quality for both viewports.


Is there anything else I can do here to get it looking better?

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your printers settings affect this as well as the render resolution


standard paper is good with 1024*768 resolution @ time of print

although i always render at 1920*1080 when possible,

1280*720 and up is acceptble

but if you print a 640*480 render to a standard size paper and set the print to match media size then the 640*480 image will be stretched to fit

also your printers settings might be set to standard or basic quality to save ink, for better detail set to high quality or a matching setting

------------over view

2 things affect the final print


Render Resolution

Printer Quality Settings. /ink settings

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Yeah I understand that aspect. Perhaps I should clarify. I have a detail sheet on a project where I have 2 viewports with 3d views of an object. When I print the dwg on paper or to a pdf the 3d objects do not look good. I set my render resolution to 1920x1080 as suggested, but the quality still is bad.


Maybe it would be better to render to an image file and then insert the image file into my dwg to use on the detail sheet?

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Additionally, I added some notes atop the viewport (in paperspace) and of course said notes do not display when I print the page.


Can anyone help out here??? asap

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For now I have just rendered the objects to png file which I then inserted into the dwg. This works OK, but I really would like to know how to do this correctly for future reference.

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