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How to lock visible layers by sheet designation?

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I work at an architecture firm, in which we have many drawings, all with multiple sheets. (A1, A2, A3...etc.)


I'm wondering, is there a way to lock which layers are visible based on the sheet you select?

For instance, I want to prevent someone from accidentally turning on HVAC information on a plumbing plan, if they do not check which sheet they are currently working in.


Is there a way to do this in a more permanent way, other than simply using the Freeze or thaw in current viewport button in the layer pulldown menu?


I hope that's not too confusing. Thanks everyone!

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There is no way to do it with base AutoCad as far as I am aware. A lisp script could possibly achieve it (or warn against it at least) although it would probably be a hassle to most users.

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