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Dynamic Blocks, Attributes w/ Visibility States, and Attribute Edit

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I am using AutoCAD 2006 and I created a dynamic block that has 4 attributes and 2 visibility states. Two of the attributes are visible in one state, while the other two are invisible. After toggling the visibility states, the two invisible attributes become visible, and the two visible attributes become invisible.


When I insert the block, or when I use the Attribute Edit command, I only can access the attributes that are visible. The invisible-state attributes do not show up. I would like to enter all attribute infomation at one time, and then turn on/off the visibility as needed.


Question: Can all of the visible and invisible attributes be inputed/edited at one time without having to change the visiblity states?


Thank you for any help.


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no solution from me. My only response is to say that I have never successfully combined visibility states and attributes. I often get close to what I want but I have found the behaviour erratic. I am sure there is some logic which will make them behave how I expect but I haven't uncovered it yet. If you do get this working please post your findings!

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Thank you for your post, Dave. I think I tried every combination and permutation I could think of... locking attributes, turning verify on/off, chaining, etc., with no luck. I searched most of the internet on the topic, and now it's becoming a mission.


NBC posted a sample dynamic block that comes closer than anything else I have found (the link is below). In his example, he created an extra visibility state that includes all attributes turned on. During dynamic-block insertion, the attribute prompts are all visible. After entering the attribute data, the extra steps to select the desired visibility option are required. Not exactly what I was trying to do, but it's a functional workaround in the meantime.


Maybe a "reactor" to set the correct visibility state after all attributes are entered? Also, it seems that NBC might have been using "fields." Two topics I have to learn about.


If I come across something, I will post it, but it doesn't look good.



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I've just made up something pretty similar, it's just a nozzle table with some values for the nozzle number and the allowable force on them... I've just done them as attributes as their own block, in the nozzle block... For the information for extra nozzles, the person inserting the data just copies the first row down and edits as required... I'll throw it on here so you have a better understanding.


Have a look at the visibility triangle... and notice how the attributes are just on their own -- too many hassles trying to do what you're doing so I'm just gonna leave it how it is.


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Just had a quick go at adding the attributes in to the nozzle block, and doing all the visibility etc... I get the same problem as you... Mine aren't showing in the drawing, but in the block editor they're there.... I think it's because they kind of have conflicting information whether to show or not.

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