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Guide to Save User-Settings

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I want to know if I can get a compacted guide into quickly and effectively save all my autocad settings in a computer to be used elsewhere.


My personal settings include:


1. alias

2. autolisp that are loaded in the cui

3. an escape autolisp that is part of the right click context edit menu

4. re-arrangement of short cut menu (i.e addition of dimension linear, dimension aligned, plot)

5. new menu with new macros

6. option profiles

7. plot styles

8. hatches

9. libraries of block

10. palette

11. workspace


I know the list is long and can be longer and most of the time as I switch from one computer to another, there is the same repetitive task of copying, resettings and so on. Are there any effecitve way to transform an autocad post with all my settings at once, that effectively save all the settings and the files and the blocks and templates and effectively load all of them onto a new working post.


Somewhere it looks impossible, at least in its totality but who knows this may be possible.





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Oh it's not impossible, it's very possible and I have my settings spanned over about three computers. But, the one thing you would lose are things like directory paths to your Tool Palettes. That's where some manual editing would need to be in place and that is fine if it's not very often you find yourself bouncing from computer to computer.

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Do some home work read up on saving workspaces and ARG files and profiles, (check posts here) you can go to any computer we have 13+ and via network load an ARG file and its the same as the other PC . Theres some minor individual customising "keep people happy" so we have each user as a ARG but start with one overall company setting.


With 20102 about to be loaded automating setup has time savings. Auto preferences and menus via lsp then save ARG.


Stykface not sure why you would lose directory paths if using ARG?


Copy of preferences .lsp

; This sets a reference to the install path of your product
; the gets are their for info maybe other use
; make temp directory
(vl-mkdir "c:\\ACADTEMP")
(setq *files*  (vla-get-files  (vla-get-preferences (vlax-get-acad-object))))
; savepath
;(vla-get-AutoSavepath *files*)
(vla-put-AutoSavepath *files* "C:\\ACADTemp")
; custom icons
;(vla-get-CustomIcons *files*))
(vla-put-CustomIcons *files* "S:\\Autodesk\\ICONS")
; printers config
;(vla-get-PrinterConfigPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterConfigPath *files* "S:\\AutoDESK\\Plotting\\Plot Styles 2011")
; printer drv's
;(vla-get-PrinterDescPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterDescPath *files* "S:\\AutoDESK\\Plotting\\Drv")
; print spooler
;(vla-get-PrinterSpoolerPath *files*)
(vla-put-PrinterSpoolerPath *files* "C:\\ACADTemp\\")
; template location
;(vla-get-QnewTemplateFile *files*)
(vla-put-QnewTemplateFile *files* "S:\\Autodesk\\c3d Templates\\cogg.dwt")
;make new support paths exist + new
(setq paths (vla-get-SupportPath *files*))

(setq coggpaths 
 S:\\autodesk\\hfs fonts;"
(setq newpath (strcat coggpaths paths))
(vla-put-SupportPath *files* newpath)
; Tempdirectory 
;(vla-get-TempFilePath *files*))
(vla-put-TempFilePath *files* "C:\\ACADTemp\\")
; template  path
;(vla-get-TemplateDwgPath *files*)
(vla-put-TemplateDwgPath *files* "S:\\Autodesk\\c3d Templates")
; xref temp path
;(vla-get-TempXrefPath *files*))
(vla-put-TempXrefPath *files* "C:\\ACADTemp\\")
; end use of *files*
(vlax-release-object *files*)
; exit quitely
(princ "All Done")

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Stykface not sure why you would lose directory paths if using ARG?

Sorry, should have been more clear. The saved paths from custom Tool Palettes that contain blocks would be lost.

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Thank to all of you for the various information and I do confess that what I know about saving settings are a bare minimum like workspace, saving all autolisp in the same directory namely c:\autolisp on all computers I worked on (just an habbit for easy retrieval) and sometimes worked and not worked cui saving. I will do some research on those paths discussed and gonna post again in a near future on those important issues. Again, many thanks.

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