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AutoCAD Command for Side views of 3D object


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I've drawn a 3D helix with a different base and top radii.

Is there a way to generate the Right and Left side views without actually drawing them?

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Cut this out of my yesterday post, make multi viewports inside each view port try vpoint 1,1,1 all done. Also check other vpoints R=1,0,0 L=-1,0,0 F=0,-1,0 B=0,1,0 P=0,0,0


Make sure you tick hide when plotting so it will become a solid


Also Navcube , dview etc

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I'm interested in generating 2D view of my 3D models.








*assumes some knowledge of modelspace/paperspace

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I would add one more to JDM's list: Sectionplane.


Previously on CADTutor...


Producing 2D output from a 3D model can be accomplished in AutoCAD 2009 using any of the following methods.


1. The Section Plane tool (SECTIONPLANE command).


2. The Flatshot tool (FLATSHOT command).


3. The Solid View, Solid Drawing and Solid Profile tools (SOLVIEW, SOLDRAW and SOLPROF).


Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Method #3 used to be the more common way of doing it but methods #1 and #2 tend to be quicker and therefore are becoming more popular.


For an explanation of all three methods find and download the handout for the AutoDesk University 2010 course entitled "Now Flatten This: Producing 2D Output from 3D Models" as taught by David Cohn. It is course number AC322-3P. Reproducing all 14 pages here would be too time consuming.

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