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Raudel Solis

ok so i have 2 computers 1 has 3ds max 2012, the other has 3ds max 2011.

am i able to do a distributed bucket render?

i am not sure if the computers communicate

i got it set up correctly so i dont need help with that, i just need to know whether or not those to versions of max can work together in distributed bucket rendering

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Depends on which version of Max created the file and which version of Max is controlling the rendering. Max is not backwards compatible, so if you created the file in 2012, your 2011 version will not be able to read the file. But if you created the file in 2011, and 2011 is controlling the render, you probably won't have any problem. But then again, maybe you will. I've never tried using two different versions on a render farm.


But why don't you just load 2011 or 2012 on both machines? You can load Max on as many as 10 machines, (more than 10 will require the "Manager" machine to be a Windows Server), as long as you don't try to activate or use the other installations. The copies that you load on the other machines are just used for the purpose of rendering only, so they don't need to be activated.


You may want to read through these:



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