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3d max error and closes

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Hello everyone,


Couple days ago i started have a problem with 3d max.

After the rendering is finished, i click to save my image and i get a sofware error and the program closes. I ve been using the program for a while and i didnțt have this problem till now. This happend sometimes a few days ago then it started to happen more and more and now everytime i try to save the rendered image.


I am using Vray for rendering.


I am working on a house with several rooms for a school project. Could it be cause of the scene got more crowded ?? is it a bug ??


I am sorry if this problem was posted before but i need to finish my project very soon and i don t know how to solve it quick.


A 3dmax reinstallation and Vray would do the trick ??


Please help me if you have any sollutions and thank you in advance :)

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Raudel Solis

There might be an issue with the file format that you are saving it as, if your not try saving it as a simple .jpg image.

do you got enough HDD space?


theres nothing you can do on V-ray that you cant do in mental Ray, V-ray just "simplifies" the process.

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So, how is this going? Have you been able to successfully save your rendered image? If so, what was the problem?


If you haven't solved the problem yet, please reply to the questions below:

1. What are your full computer specs?

2. What is the full error message that is displayed when the program closes?

3. What is the filesize of the scene you're working on?

4. What output size are you rendering?

5. What resolution, DPI, are you rendering?


Regardless of whether you're using Mental Ray or Vray or any other renderer, this sounds like a memory problem to me. I think you're probably low on RAM. Before you render, completely shut down and then restart your computer to clear out the memory. Then open Max and render. Don't open any other applications, just let it render and then see if you can save the image.

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