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Autocad MEP Object Snaps vs. Basic Object Snaps

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I am new to using MEP to draw 3D piping.


I am trying use regular object snaps, i.e. (quadrant, end point, middle) on MEP drawn piping. So far only the "MEP" snaps work. Giving me only the center of the pipe. I am drawing with insulation and I need the pipes to be 6" apart from edge of insulation to egde of insulation. Without basic grips like "quadrant" I cannot make this happen without doing allot of math each time I branch off the main.


Just moments ago I saw my co-worker use the quadrant snap on his drawing, so I know it is possible. But when we closed and reopenned the drawing the object snaps no longer worked again.


I have looked throught the MEP object snap menu and I do not see where I can add the kind of snaps I need.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Lee Roy

DS on your keyboard.


Do you have anything in your acaddoc overriding your snaps?


This is the Revit forum.

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