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Im having trouble Visualizing for PLATE 1

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Hello again, i know this question has been asked a thousand times but, does any one have a pic or a Dwg file for HVAC/sheet metal drafting w/ AutoCAD? this is a Penn foster school project. i looked forever for any references on how to complete it, especially the HVAC part. i couldn't find any.


any help/ response is appreciated.



HVAC Project.pdf


also theirs a problem with the project. Window S cant fit where they tell me to fit it. its a 6' long window, and they tell me to put into a 5'-5" space. that don't make any sense.


im gonna contact the teachers about this, but if any find the problem fix first, please do.

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The topic has come up for discussion in the past and if I recall correctly there are images of most of the plates already posted. Search on the words "Penn Foster" and also take a look at Similar Threads listed below.

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