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Sweeping Problem


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I'm having a problem sweeping a curved object over a spline. The object will sweep over a straight line...but not on the spline. I keep getting "unable to sweep object(s)" in the command line. I could be doing it all wrong... I've attached the file. Any help will be appreciated.


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Try it with this file. I reduced the vertex count (in the profile) and converted it to a region.

It still takes AutoCAD several seconds to generate the geometry, but the sweep operation is successful.


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my machine swept it as is. it sat there and thought about it for nearly a minute, but it did it. It created a 1.12 mb file, which zipped is till almost 800K (too big to post here). If you want it, I'll email it to you.

Looks like this:


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I received this message on the command line.."Path curve may not be self-intersecting. The selected path curve is not valid."

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:lol: I just realized looking back over this that I did it backwards. I swept the spline around the curve...:lol:


That's what I get for playing around with something at midnight.

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I would suggest that your profile is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too complex.

Consider Design for Manufacturability (fabrication).

Cutting tools (or measurements) come in standard sizes.


In this case it looks to me like your profile could be created with arcs and lines. Simple geometry. Don't forget the possible manufacturing (fabrication) tolerances (how many times have I heard artsy/fartsy (technical term) say, "but that is how I designed it, that is what I want." not understanding that the fabricators are using a tape measure.


Simplify your profile with arcs and lines whenever possible.


Your path should always be on the inside of a profile if possible (consider sweeping a small square along a large rectangle - there are two paths you could use - create/use the inside path and less likely to have an self-intersecting error).


Don't rely on AutoCAD to automatically align complex profiles to the path - you move it to the beginning of the path for less likely to get unexpected results or errors.


Do multiple simple sweeps rather than one complex sweep if possible (your part looks like it has some indentations that could be done as a secondary sweep and subtract.

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Awesome! Thanks SEANT! Your suggestion work, I did it in my original drawing. My first time on this forum...fantastic experience!!

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  • 1 year later...

This is my first time on a forum of any kind, so I'm not sure how if I'm doing this right. I have a problem with SWEEP. If I sweep a straight line with a square rectangle object, it is not swept directly in the middle of the square. It is slightly off. For instance, if the square is 1 unit x 1 unit, the center of the swept square ends up being offset in 2 directions by 0.0263. It seems to work as expected for circles. Am I using SWEEP correctly?

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I attempted to duplicate the problem but unfortunately or fortunately for me my 1 unit x 1 unit square was perfectly centered on the line I used as my path. Repeat what you did and when finished hit the F2 button and copy the contents of the Text window and post it here. I'd like to see your inputs after you have invoked the SWEEP command. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply.


Here are the inputs. There was already a line and square existing on the drawing.


If you open the drawing, you will see a red line for reference, which is attached to the original sweep path line. After the sweep, I drew 2 reference lines on the swept object. Zooming right in tight (really tight) shows that the intersection of the 2 reference lines does not meet the endpoint of the red reference line.


Here is the input that created the sweept line.


Opening an AutoCAD 2010 format file.

Regenerating model.

AutoCAD menu utilities loaded.

Autodesk DWG. This file is a TrustedDWG last saved by an Autodesk application

or Autodesk licensed application.



Command: _sweep

Current wire frame density: ISOLINES=4

Select objects to sweep: 1 found

Select objects to sweep:

Select sweep path or [Alignment/Base point/Scale/Twist]:

Command: '_zoom

Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or

[All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window/Object] : _w

Specify first corner: Specify opposite corner:


I hope this is not some dumb mistake I'm making. I first noticed this when I attempted to sweep 2 squares of slightly different sizes onto 2 connected lines. There was a missalignment, so I investigated.



SWEEP Problem.dwg

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Right off the bat I notice you did NOT specify a base point which I would have assumed to be the most logical option to go with. That's what I did.

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