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Plot Points - Using Distances from Two Known Points


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I have two locations marked by steel stakes on my land that are also shown on a CAD drawing. The CAD drawing is two dimensional; however, contours are shown. I have physically measured distances between these two known points and numerous other locations that I wish to plot on the CAD drawing. I could always print the CAD drawing to scale and plot the new points on the CAD printout by using the two known locations, a compass to draw arcs and locating the new points by where the arcs intersect. I am sure there is a much more efficient way to plot these new points within the CAD program itself. I have just started to use CAD; any help is appreciated. :)

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Swinging arcs from two points is OK. If you were able to do it from three points and all three arcs intersected neatly then that would be as close as you could possibly get to locating your new point. Any experience using a transit? A distance and angle would be even better.

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