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Mouse Pointer Disappear from time to time


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I note that from time to time I can't see the counter and this is quite an annoyance. When the invisible pointer hover over or passes over an object, the latter will highlight as usual. I have to close and restart the drawing each time due to this issue. Is there an explanation for it, even a solution to prevent this from happening?


NOTE : This is limited to the drawing area only. I can see the pointer in the menu/toolbar area and outside autocad but not in the drawing area.


Thanking you in advance.





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You can give this a shot, but I cannot remember if it fixes that particular mouse problem or it might be another.

All I can remember is it had to do with the mouse.


Open Control Panel and type performance in search box and select Performance Information and Tools then

Select Adjust visual effects then unselect the 'Enable desktop composition' checkbox.


Using XP I think you can also use this route

Click start button then right click on computer and select properties

Click Advanced system settings then under performance click the Settings button

And uncheck box 'Enable desktop composition'

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The 'Enable Desktop Composition' is already checked. Perhaps it is a memory or graphics problems. In Performance Tune, under 3d device, the name, manufacturer, chip set and memory and driver are all N/A. and I have "Hardware acceleration is not available because not enough video memory is available". I have 4 GB ram and Hence I believe the problem is more graphic-card oriented especially that none of its info appears in 3d Device.

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