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Restore layers Visibility after layiso command - LayerState??


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Hi All,


I'm Autolisp beginer and first problem which I would like to solve with it is how to restore layers Visibility after Layiso command.


In few steps it's looks like:


1. Before use Layiso command I'have some layers that are on others are off.

2. I'm using Layiso and makes some changes on drawning.

3. After changing I want to restor layers visibility from point 1 (before Laiso command).


My idea is to use LayerState functions: layerstate-save, layerstate-delete and layerstate-restore. I have problem with using LayerState functions.



I could name functions for example "Iso" and "RestoreState".

LayerState name could be "XX"


Program structure:


Step 1 - c:Iso

I'm checking if "XX" exist.

If "XX" exist then using layerstate-delete I'm deleting "XX".

I'm creating LayerState "XX" using layerstate-save.


Step 2

(command "Layiso")


Step 3

I'm doing some changes in drawing.


Step 4 - c:RestoreState

I'm restoring "XX" using layerstate-restore.


My problem is that I don't know how to use LayerState functions.


Many info I've found here:


but still don't know how to for example make Layerstate "XX" using it.


(layerstate-save XX)
(layerstate-save "XX")
don't work. How it should look like?



Also I've tried to use only commands:


(defun c:iso ()

(command "-layer" "state" "save" "XX" "" "" "" "LAYISO"))

(defun c:RestoreState ()

(command "-layer" "state" "restore" "XX" "" ""))



This code don't has checking if "XX" exist but works.

How to write code using LayerState functions??

Anyone can help?


Sorry for my English :cry:

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I forgot about this :)

Thank you.


How to use "layerstate-save" with defined function name "XX"?


nav-prev-xp.gif L Functions

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AutoLISP Reference Guide > AutoLISP Functions > L Functions >

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Saves a layer state in the current drawing

(layerstate-save layerstatename mask viewport)


layerstatename A string specifying the name of the layer state to save.


mask An integer sum designating which properties in the layer state are to be restored.

1- Restore the saved On or Off value

2- Restore the saved Frozen or Thawed value

4- Restore the saved Lock value

8- Restore the saved Plot or No Plot value

16- Restore the saved VPVSDFLT value

32- Restore the saved Color

64- Restore the saved LineType

128- Restore the saved LineWeight


viewport An ename (ads_name) of the viewport whose VPLAYER setting is to be captured. If nil, the layer state will be saved without VPLAYER settings.


Return Values

T if the save is successful; otherwise nil


(layerstate-save “myLayerState“ 21 viewportId)T(layerstate-save “myLayerState“ nil nil)nil

Please send us your comments about this page



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