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Urgent Help Requested - An XRef Layer Issue


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Hi All,

I have this strange issue here.

I have a zip file attached here. It has a Folder called "Files" with two files in it.

One is "Sheet.dwg" another is "XRef.dwg".

XRef is attached using a relative path, hence it would load for you.


In the sheet file, on the Layout, there is a paper space viewport.

Inside the Viewport, I want to freeze the XRef layer (A-ANNO-TEXT) of the Room tag block (which is reading 71-223).

When I use "_layfrz" command in this paperspace viewport and click the block, NOTHING HAPPENS.... :o

Could someone please help me? It is very urgent....


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When you use LayFrz, check what it says on the command line. When you pick something in the block it says it's freezing layer "0". That's because of a setting inside LayFrz. To change this type S to start its settings, then B for Block selection, then E for Entity. It should now freeze the layer on which the line is drawn inside the block and not the layer on which the block is placed (at least it now works for the rectangle). The text is strange since it's an attribute of a block which is on layer "0", even though the attribute itself is on another layer.


This is one of the examples of never placing things on layer "0", you can't "actually" freeze them. Your block is done the opposite way of how it's recommended: The stuff inside the block should be on layer "0", but the block should be placed on the layer you want it (never on "0" / "Defpoints"). There's several worse reasons, but you've run into one of the nagging ones.

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Thanks a lot...!!! That helped. :D

Still, just for further clarification...

What actually happens to the 0 (zero) and defpoints layers when xrefed into another drawing? Is it getting merged with the 'native zero/defpoints layer'?

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Yep they are merged into the containing DWG's 0 & Defpoints. So you can't freeze an xref's 0/Defpoints without doing the same to the host.

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