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Script File Headache

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:?Hi, I'm currently using Autocad 2011 and 2012. I'm working on this script file for school and it's confusing. Maybe you guys can help me out.The way the script is set up, this green circle with a hatch pattern is supposed to sit inside this red rectangle, but I haven't gotten it to work. I typed it exactly as you see it in Notepad, saved it as a linetype file, and tried to run it,but it either shows just the rectangle or keeps asking for the radius of the circle. Here it is: filedia 0 color red rectangle 0,10 color green circle 6,6.7, hatch ansi31 ltscale 48 zoom .8x Any ideas?

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Welcome to CADTutor!


This questions is probably better placed in The CUI, Hatches, Linetypes, Scripts & Macros forum.


As to your question, you haven't provided enough information.


For example:




** Note the additional Enter (return), after the last line.


Also, for future posts, please be sure to read this.


Hope this helps!

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