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To Link or to Workset?

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We're in the process of starting to use Revit for construction documents (Architecture). We've been using it for some years to develop our 3D models for presentation, but now we're attempting taking it further.


The "problem" is that the test project is rather large. Some 10 conjoined buildings varying from 3 floors to 20. After asking our reseller for advice we're running into some huge lists of (IMO) extra work. The reseller's experience is mostly as Structural so I take whatever he's saying with a grain (make that a truck-load) of salt. AFAIKT the "reasoning" behind his idea is that worksets could easily become non-usable if some dimwit checked it out, but not released it back.


His advice is to stay away from worksets as far as possible and rather split the files into separate construction portions (i.e. one for structure, one for finishes, one for windows, doors, etc.). This means of course that openings and junctions don't happen automatically. Each needs to be physically drawn in each of these files, aligned & locked to the relevant source3 of such in the other linked-in files.


Now if we had this in worksets the openings & joints would happen auto"magically". My point is this is one of the major reasons for using Revit instead of 2D CAD.


IMO I'd have split the entire project into building portions ... on the mojement joint lines. Then had worksets for each to split it further into stuff like facade, BOH areas, FOH areas, etc.


So I'm asking any architects if they have any suggestions as to how they prefer doing this type of large(ish) project. What pros & cons they've run into.


To me the issue of the checking-out-and-releasing being a major problem sounds a bit iffy. What's the difference there between someone (say) copying a RVT file for working at home and then overwriting the office copy the next day - only to thus delete whatever someone else did last night? I'd rather have a warning than nothing.

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