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A small drawing showing 22.50 MB size???

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My PC - Intel Core 2 CPU 6320, 1.86 Ghz 3.25 GB RAM

My OS - Windows XP

My CAD - AutoCAD 2011



My drawing has very few objects in the drawing.

I have purged & recovered it many times.

Also tried exporting it to dxf & again dwg format.


Still the size of drawing is 22.50 MB. I don't understand how it is happening?

Please help me find the bug. Thanks in advance.

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First, check your paper space layouts to see if something is living there you haven't noticed. If that's ok, then I would suggest you copy clip all the objects from this drawing to a new one. It's amazing how much stuff that fix.

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Do you make use of layer filters? How about xrefs?


When you purge do you use the command line version of the command like this: -purge then first purge all regapps?

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There is nothing in the layout. Also i have detached all the xreferences. Erased much geometry i was doubtful. A few blocks were remaining in the drawing. I even exploded those blocks and purged the drawing many times. Still the size remains same! I am a fresh member. Attachments are not allowed on my log in. I have tried all copy paste geometry in blank drawing. But the size is unchanged.

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It is usually NOT a good idea to explode a block.


Re: purge. I usually purge all regapps first using the command line version as mentioned previously. Then I purge a second time taking care of everything else. Then I run an Audit to correct for errors.


Even if you were a full member you could not attach a file of that size. Your best bet would be to email the drawing to someone or if they live/work close by then bring it to them on a flash drive and see what they can do to reduce the file size. What about scalelists? Have you cleaned those out as well? Is there a lot of hatching in the drawing?

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There wasn't any solid hatches, neither any scales added.

My friend has figured it out.

There were many constraints in the drawing, accidentally applied to the drawing. as soon as he gave command 'DELCONSTRAINT', the file size reduced to few 220 KB!!! We had tried the same thing earlier before exploding the blocks, but it did not work out.


Thank you for your replies.

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