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Which is best for my firm - Single or Multi-seat Stand Alone, or Network?


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Newbie administrator here so my apologies if this question has been addressed elsewhere on this forum.


I'm looking for an un-biased opinion regarding AutoCAD licensing options. I'm not confident that our reseller or Autodesk will provide the best recommendation for our firm, which is under new ownership; we would like to get everyone working on current software. (Currently we have two versions: 2006 and 2012 - we only have one 2012 license, the rest are using 2006.) We're a corporate/commercial interior design firm with 8 designers, 2 architectural technicians and 4 admin. We have at least 6 people that require the full version of AutoCAD and another 6 that could likely get by with AutoCAD LT.


Which License type(s) would be best (most cost effective) for our organization. What are the advantages of one over another? I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations/thoughts that anyone can provide.



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General info --- AFAIK, there is no difference between Stand alone vs. MSSA (multi seat stand alone) - except that MSSA allows you to build a network deployment and install silently to multiple machines - since they all share the same S/N, just like network licensed seats.


Network licenses are more expensive, but for example, if you have 10 licenses, you can install it on any number of machines - good for a lot of part time users.


We run a mix of MSSA (for full time users) and network licenses (for a pool of every now and then users)

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Thank-you for your quick response, rk. Your reply has helped me to differentiate between the use of multi-seat vs. network licensing and now it's a matter of determining the the mix that's best suited to us. Thanks again! k.

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