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Tool Palette Layer switching with multiple operations in command string

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[Maybe this item is covered somewhere in the forum already, but to me it was impossible to find]



Tool Palettes are useful to force certain drawing operations into specific colours, layers, line weights etc.


Drawing in layer A, it can be used to draw a dimension in layer B without manual switching layers and AutoCAD will maintain using layer A.


For some reason this does not comply with multiple operations like


Starting in Layer A it switches to Layer B but it will not return to Layer A again, unlike single operations.


Does someone know why, a solution or a workaround?


Thanks in advance!

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A workaround would be to place an Mtext word in the model, then create a Block. Now you can put the block in the Tool Palette and set it to explode on insert. The layer the text was on when you create the block will be the layer it defaults to.

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