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Rendering circle model help

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I could really use some help with this.

I’ve been using AutoCAD for about eight years now for architectural support in 2D. Lately drawing models for my smaller parts and rendering really helps to get the message across. Problem is rendering. I can never remove the segmenting of arcs and circles even in the highest of setting. Does AutoCAD have fundamental problems with rendering solids? I’ve used 3rd party programs for rendering also with the same results. I must be missing something.

Example of my setting:

Viewres = 20000

Facetres= 10

Whiparc = 1

segments in a polyline curve = 30000


attached are samples of segmented renders.

Thanks in advance.

model 5.jpg

model 3.jpg

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Did you make that in Autocad or is that imported from another program?

Can you post the CAD file so we can take a look?

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I made the model in Autocad 2010 and rendered with KeyShot and also used Accurender and Autocad Render all with about the same results.

Keyshot seems the easiest and most effective and easiest. AutoCad looks great in realistic mode but doesn't render that well.


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