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Range on Excel Sheet imported to DWG as reroutable xref for a template DWF?

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to figure out if there is a way I can import data from an excel file in a predetermined range but variable workbook and sheet. For instance, in Station5.dwg I access cells B4:C15 on sheet STA-5 on workbook TerminalA.xls and then in Station6.dwg I access cells B4:C15 on sheet STA-6 on workbook TerminalA.xls, but all through just rerouting the sheet just as if I were to reroute an xref with the same scale and insertion point.


I'm trying to avoid a continual copy/paste of OLEs for each .dwg because I will have an average of 5 ranges to import from each sheet, of an average of 7 sheets per workbook, of an estimated 220 workbooks to work through. (7,700 ranges estimated so far is a lot of work).


Thanks for your help!

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