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How to use annotative objects correctly?


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My mtext and multileader styles are created to be "annotative"; however, they didn't have a consistent size through all my different scaled viewports. When I drew them on my model, I added the scales needed, but on the viewports, the only objects consistent in size were the "Drawing Title" from my tool palette and the arrowhead from the multileaders.


When I created these objects, I typed in 0'-0" for the height. But then in the text panel (Annotate tab) I saw there is a drop-down menu with different heights, which seem to override the 0'-0" height.


I ended up drawing these objects on paper space, and they looked fine until I opened the drawing days later (the text was considerably larger).


How can I draw mtext or multileaders on model space, and add scales correctly?





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for mtext (mleaders/dimensions/all other annotative objects similar),


when you create the text style, you need to specify the height of the text (this is the height that you want it to plot at). For example, enter 0.1 for 0.1" height on the plotted paper. (it's best to find your desired size by creating the style in paperspace and viewing the size, because ultimately the annotative scales 'scale' objects to paperspace)


now when you place text, it will scale relative to the annotative scale. So in paperspace, it should literally be 0.1 units if set as above. Then if you enter into a viewport with any scale set, text should auto-size when you place it; so it plots at the correct size.


If you are working in modelspace, and not through the viewports, you have to make sure you are using the correct annotation scale prior to placement of the text.


multileaders and dimensions follow the same principles - get it looking good in paperspace with set sizes, and check 'annotative". If items don't scale to the same size in a viewport as they are in paperspace, the annotative scales ratios may be incorrect, or the drawing units....but see if just setting the correct Height is all you need first.

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