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Multileader That Inserts An Attribute From A Block


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Help! I need a lisp that allows a multileader to automatically insert a block attribute after I associate that multileader with the dynamic block. For instance, i have a few dynamic blocks with attributes in model space and I am tagging them in paper space. After i choose a multileader (that I created with a block) I would like that multileader to automatically insert the number of the device that Im tagging. Help!!

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No I have not. Can it be done in that method?

Not sure about your current release, but it can be done on A2009:


(defun C:attm (/  acsp adoc blk fld id mlead p1 p2 ptarr sset )
 (or adoc
     (setq adoc
 (if (and
(= (getvar "tilemode") 0)
(= (getvar "cvport") 1)
   (setq acsp (vla-get-paperspace adoc))
   (setq acsp (vla-get-modelspace adoc))
(setq sset (ssget "+.:S:E:L" (list (cons 0 "insert")(cons 66 1))))
(setq blk (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname sset 0)))
(foreach att (vlax-invoke blk 'getattributes)
 (if (eq "MYTAG" (vla-get-tagstring att));<--- Change attribute tag here
   (setq id (vla-get-objectid att))))
(setq  fld (strcat "%<[url="file://\\AcObjProp"]\\AcObjProp[/url] Object(%<[url="file://\\_ObjId"]\\_ObjId[/url] " (rtos id 2 0) " >%).TextString [url="file://\\f"]\\f[/url] \"%tc1\">%"))
     (setq p1 (getpoint  "\nLeader Arrow >> \n")
    p2 (getpoint p1 "\nText location >> \n")
     (setq ptarr (vlax-make-variant
       (safearray vlax-vbdouble '(0 . 5))
       (apply 'append (list p1 p2))))
     (setq mlead (vla-addmleader acsp ptarr 0))
     (vla-put-contenttype mlead acMTextContent)
      ;; change to your standards here:
     (vla-put-textheight mlead(getvar "dimtxt"))
     (vla-put-landinggap mlead 0.09)      
     (vla-put-doglegged mlead :vlax-true)
     (vla-put-dogleglength mlead 0.05)
    (vla-put-textstring mlead fld)
     ;;borrowed from Lee Mac:
    (if (<= (car p1) (car p2))
     (if (>= (car p2) (car p1))
     (vla-put-TextJustify mlead acAttachmentPointMiddleLeft)
     (vla-put-TextJustify mlead acAttachmentPointMiddleRight)
     (vla-put-TextLeftAttachmentType mlead acAttachmentBottomOfTopLine)
     (vla-put-TextRightAttachmentType mlead acAttachmentBottomOfTopLine)
     (vla-put-leaderlineweight mlead acLnWt025)
     (vla-put-leadertype mlead 1)
 (vla-regen adoc acactiveviewport)
(prompt "\n")
(prompt "\t\t<<< Start command with ATTM ...\t>>> ")



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