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Good morning everyone. I hope someone can send me in the right direction. I've been using sheet set manager for awhile and I honestly don't know how I worked without it in the past.


My issue is this: On my server, I have a Project folder. The name of the project folder is our drawing number, the revision and drawing title (for whatever project it is). Within that folder I have a Master folder, Working Folder, Sheet folder, etc.. None of my files in the Project folder have the revision as part of the name. I did this once and after having to go through and rename everything with a new revision letter and going back into the sheet set manager and re-pointing everything (sheets and xrefs), I decided to go with my current naming convention. I just completed a revision on one of my projects and I renamed the project folder with the newest revision letter. I opened the sheet set to verify everything was good and it appears that I have to go through and update all of the xref locations because they are still pointing to the previous revision-named project folder. When I rename the project folder, I do it with the sheet set closed. Shouldn't Autocad automatically update these references based on the folder structure? It's a huge hassle to have to go through my sheet set and update everything manually when I just change the project folder name. Am I missing something?

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As a side note, I'm going through and updating the xrefs for each of my sheets for the project I mentioned above and one of the sheets actually retained the xref path.

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