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Making Lidar DWG surface in C3d, M3d or ACAD


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Hi. I've bought lidar height and surface info from a mapping company.

This is in DWG format which along with (DXF and GIS where the only options). I have since downloaded trial copies of Civil 3d & Map 3d to go with my copy of Vanilla 3d. All of my programmes are Release 2012.


I am finding it impossible to make a surface in any of the programmes, because they also seem to want the point (which I can see and rotate around, but not make into a surface) in a file format that is not DWG. Even though they are available as editable points in the file. just not editable enough to make into a surface - get it?


now i know from other threads that each programme manages points differently, but all i want to do is make it into a surface with contours in any of the programmes. although the categories function and density function of M3d would be use full.


As it stands I'm being really inefficient using this Lidar info in these programmes as what I really need is heights of surrounding buildings and trees. I had hoped that using these auto desk programmes would improve my workflow.


Any help is most welcome. I attach the original survey file for reference.

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