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AutoCAD Block List Extract


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Good Day


Have a Drawing that has symbol blocks in it.

Blocks are not inserted into drawing - so no instances.


How does one view the list of blocks in the current drawing.


Any assistance welcome

"This is probably a basic routine"


Thanks in Advance

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Try this function

You can put DataSource property of ListBox

as result of this function:

      Public Function ListBlocks() As List(Of String)
           Dim db As Database = HostApplicationServices.WorkingDatabase
           Dim blocks As New List(Of String)
               Dim tr As Transaction = db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()
               Using tr
                   Dim bt As BlockTable = DirectCast(tr.GetObject(db.BlockTableId, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTable)
                   For Each id As ObjectId In bt
                       Dim btr As BlockTableRecord = DirectCast(tr.GetObject(id, OpenMode.ForRead), BlockTableRecord)
                       If Not btr.IsAnonymous And Not btr.IsLayout Then
                       End If
               End Using
           Catch ex As System.Exception
               Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.ShowAlertDialog(ex.Message & vbCr & ex.StackTrace)
               Return Nothing
           End Try
           Return blocks
       End Function

On load in your form:


Not tested



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