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Manipulating a SHP


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I have received one (1) large SHP file that has all of the individual municipal/village boundaries for a larger city. I guess the same question would apply to isolating certain rivers or streams from a SHP file that contains all in the state. Is there any way I can extract or change these shape areas separately? The style editor unfortunately seems to only make change the entire SHP file when I make changes to the color fill, outline, etc.


In summation, I would like to make individual SHP files of an original that has multiple boundaries.


Thanks in advance.



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I would try to check out the object data of that huge shape: maybe some vectors have e.g. "building" as attribute, others "river", and so on.


In this case, you can select them by attributes, and then _MAPEXPORT to individual shapefiles, sir.



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Still, confused. Even when I can look at the metadata and try to export it the options are only to a .csv file. Does this original file have to be manipulated back in regular ACAD (with values attached) and then the specific changes made there, crate new individual shapefiles and then reimport them individually? - It seems that the 'checking out' option does not quite so what I want it to either.




Thanks :unsure:

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Are you using Data Connect or mapimport to bring in the shp file? You can style based on the data or even query and display by the data, then save to another format etc. Say you have a shp file of all the cities boundry of a state, as long as the city name is part of the data you can display just the boundry of "Anytown" then save that to another dwg/sdf/layer file depending on how you bring in the shp file.

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