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Every time I get close to an object (anything in my drawing), my curser snaps/or lags on the object for a second. I have all my snaps off, thought that it would be the magnet settings in the AutoSnap but it is not. Have never noticed this problem before.... Anyone know of more snaping settings it could be???? Running AutoCAD 2011.

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Might be Quick Properties, not sure if 2009 had that, at the bottom of the screen toggle QP off.


Also, maybe go into options, Selection, turn off some or all of the highlighting functions.


Also check Options, Display, Show rollover ToolTips, uncheck it to see if that is the problem.

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Nope no xref, simplest drawing.... all of my drawings seem to do doing this.... I just moved to AutoCAD 2011 so I am thinking it is some default setting in 2011....

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Try one of these depending on your OS.


IF XP - go to display properties, select the settings tab and press the advanced button... once on the new window select the troubleshoot tab, then look for the hardware acceleration control and adjust the slider down one step, try that, adjust again if necessary.


IF Vista and Win7 - Control Panel: System and Security: System

In the left hand menu choose "Advanced System Settings"

In the "System Properties" dialog box choose the "Advanced" tab

Under "Performance" choose "settings"

In the "Performance Settings" dialog box choose the "Visual Effects" tab

Choose the "Custom" option and uncheck "Enable desktop composition"

Or uncheck all the options as a test, add back Smooth edges of screen fonts

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