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Xref or Data Shortcut Grading? not possible..


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Does someone know how to make my grading appear in another drawing without having to copy and paste it? I mean like xref but just only my grading and not everything else in that drawing..

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After you have x-reffed the drawing, You can Freeze/Off all other layers than the layer that you have the grading on.

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a possible workaround is to create the grading using data shortcuts to your surface and then use this drawing as a base drawing for your xref. that means after creating the grading, convert all objects to Autocad objects with the command aecobjexplode and then saving the drawing with a new name as an xref. If changes are required to the grading, make your changes in the base drawing and save over the xref drawing to incorporate the changes in all drawings where your xref is referenced into.

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