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Is there a way I can increase the RAM usage by my computer(s) while rendering?


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I'm currently rendering a 30 second video at premium anti-aliasing at 24 fps and the estimated time is 100+ hours. The time is understandable, but when I check the status of the computer, it is using 100% of the CPU but only 50%-66% of the RAM (2.0Gb of 6.0Gb used by Inventor). Is there any way of changing the setting on this (and eventually the other) computer?


The (3) computers have:

Windows 7 - 64bit - unanimous


Computer 1

6Gb of RAM, Intel Xeon CPU, E5405 @2.00GHz

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290


Computer 2

4Gb of RAM, Intel Core Duo CPU, T9600 @2.80GHz

ATI Mobility RAdeon HD 3670


Computer 3

4Gb of RAM, Intel Xeon CPU, E5405 @2.00GHz

NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT


Any tips are greatly appreciated!!

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